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Upgrade Your Storage Loft in Garage with Pull Down Stairs

Pull Down Stairs Allow for Easy Access to Your Storage Loft in Garage

Storage Loft in Garage

Pull Down Stairs Will Make Loading of Your Raleigh, NC Garage Storage Loft from Garage Attics Safe and Convenient

If you don’t have the height or space for a walk up staircase to the new storage loft in garage, pull down stairs are the next best option. Adding a pull down stair unit to your new storage loft gives you the convenience and ease of accessing your new storage space when needed while neatly tucking away when not in use. It only takes a quick pull to bring the stairs down and a quick push to put them back up and out of your way.

Pull down stairs are more stable than a free standing or extension ladder allowing you to maneuver more easily up and down with your belongings. The stairs are more climbing friendly allowing you to carry boxes and other bulky items with both hands. You won’t have to worry about the stairs moving or shifting, which can be an issue when using a ladder.


The pull down stairs ensure you always have a way to get up onto your storage loft. You won’t have to look around for the ladder or move things out of the way to set the ladder up. An upgrade to our pull down stairs option is a worthy investment that will make it easier and safer for you to access items on your storage loft in garage. Other options for access to your new loft include a walk up staircase with a railing.

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