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Home Garage Storage Loft Options

Customize Your Garage Storage Space

Garage Storage Loft Ideas for Your Home

Garage Storage Loft IdeasGarage Attics offers a wide range of garage storage loft ideas for your garage attic project. Because a one-size-fits-all is never truly accurate, you can customize your garage attic with various upgrades. Your choice in upgrades can help make the space a little brighter and safer. The upgrades will be dependent on the size of your garage and available space to work with.

We can customize your project with the following upgrades as needed or desired:

  • Pull Down Stairs – add a drop down staircase to your garage loft for extra access. The stairs make it a little easier for you to quickly access the loft and get what you need. You won’t need to look for a ladder.
  • Walk Up Stairs – if space allows, add a walk up staircase for more ease. This is
    a nice addition and can make it easier to carry things into the loft. It also makes it a little safer by cutting out the use of a ladder. Adding railings to the stairs gives it a nice, finished look as well as adds another layer of safety.
  • Railings – custom railings for your garage storage loft can add an additional layer of
    safety. Railings can help secure your items as well as keep you safe when you’re
    organizing your storage space.
  • Motorized Storage Lifts – move items effortlessly into and from your garage attic loft
    with a motorized storage lift. Whether your items are too heavy, bulky, or your stairs are
    just too hard to navigate, these lifts can help you truly utilize your garage attic storage

These Garage Storage Loft Ideas can help transform your wasted overhead garage space into a usable storage area that’s easily accessible.


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