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A Motorized Storage Lift Eases the Garage Organization Process

Motorized Storage Lift

A Motorized Storage Lift from Garage Attics of Raleigh, NC Will Make Your Overhead Storage as Easy as Pushing a Button

Most of your belongings can be raised onto your loft by hand via a ladder, access portals or pull down stairs, but these methods can be somewhat limiting in regards to bulkier and heavier items. A motorized storage lift is an ideal option that allows you to easily utilize your new garage attic storage space for all of your things regardless of their size or weight.

Why risk hurting your back by hauling large and heavy items onto your new Garage Attic by hand when a lift can raise loads of up to 200 pounds in about 15 seconds on its sturdy platform. You also won’t have to worry about dropping and damaging fragile items. With a motorized lift, you can safely and securely hoist your storage items onto your new overhead garage storage loft.

A motorized storage lift can be used to effortlessly move bulky loads onto your new Garage Attic Storage Loft

It is really as simple as pushing a button. Just load your belongings onto the platform, push the button and a few seconds later your items will be raised up onto the loft. Think of all the time you’ll save by reducing the number of trips needed up and down a ladder or pull down stairs.

Getting things down off of your garage attic will also be much easier. Just load your items onto the platform and push the button to lower them down. A motorized storage lift is the perfect accompaniment for any garage attic loft.

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