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Add Custom Garage Shelving to Maximize Your Storage Capacity

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Custom Garage Storage Shelving from Garage Attics Will Help You Organize Your Raleigh, NC Garage

Do you need even more space than our overhead storage loft solutions provide? Or perhaps your garage isn’t quite tall enough for an overhead loft? Either way, if you’re in need of maximum storage space, our custom garage shelving services will provide you with just that.

Garage shelving can be extremely helpful in keeping your more frequently used items organized and out of the way. When combined with a Garage Attics storage loft, it will allow you to gain the absolute most from your garage storage capabilities.


Choose from our suspended or floor supported garage shelving options to fit your exact storage needs. Our suspended wall shelving won’t encroach on your usable floor space and is most commonly used along the side walls of your garage to ensure that you have ample room to pull your vehicles in and out. Our floor supported shelving options are typically used against the back wall of your garage to give you the most vertical storage possible between the floor and ceiling.

There is a certain freedom you’ll experience when your things are neat and organized. You won’t be embarrassed to open the garage door when the neighbors are out and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to get in and out of your tidy garage. Most importantly, your garage will be so much more functional!

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