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Why Garage Attics?

The Custom Built Overhead Garage Loft for Your Home

Garage Loft

Kevin Cocchiola of Garage Attics Helps Raleigh, NC Homeowners Get Organized with His Custom Garage Loft Storage Solutions

A Message From the Owner

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of providing overhead garage loft storage solutions to our many customers throughout the Raleigh, NC area.

I make wine as a hobby and my wife has a passion for decorating. So, our home’s lack of a basement area for storage posed a big problem for us. Wine-making is a very rewarding hobby, but it requires a good amount of equipment. And with four seasons and many holidays worth of home décor, we definitely needed more space to store everything.

Changing our lifestyle wasn’t an option for us, so I designed the “Garage Attic”. It’s a massive overhead storage loft that utilizes the wasted space above your garage door tracks. With our own Garage Attic loft in place, we were able to easily store all of my wine-making equipment, all of my wife’s decorative items and a whole lot more.

Garage Attics is a fully insured, family owned and operated business. I personally do most of the work myself and look forward to discussing your garage storage needs with you.

Kevin Cocchiola
Garage Attics

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